WestCoon´s Cattery

WestCoon´s cattery is located in Lahti, 100 km from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It´s owned by sisters Jaana Nurmi and Heli Tikka. We have been showing cats sience 1997. On February 2003 our breedername was registered in FIFE.

Our goal is to breed heathy Maine Coons with good type, size and temperament. All cats in our breeding program are FeLV- and FIV-neg. and bloodtyped. They are also tested for HCM (hyperdrophic cardiomyopathy) and PKD (polycystic kidney disease).

Kittens are ready to leave us at the age of 12 weeks, twice vaccinated and veterinary checked.

Our cats live with us as family members, never caged. We have safe outdoor areas to cats.

I (Jaana) live in a detached house with my 10 Coons.

And I (Heli) live in a rowhouse with my 5 year old son Kasper, five Coons and one housecat.

The "West" on our breedername comes from our wildwest-hobby. We also want that our breedername describes our breed, so that´s why we chose "Coons". And of course we want a "USA-style" name to our cattery, because Maine Coon comes from the USA.

If you are interesting in our breeding or you want to ask something, take contact:o)

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Jaana & Heli
Here we are... Jaana and Heli
in Amsterdam (when we pick up our girls) :o)
And this is Heli´s son Kasper 1 years 10 months
old with his best friend Papu
(Highfidelity´s Wake Up Shania)

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